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The Beaver Bat Company is the first Long Island based custom wood baseball bat manufacturer. Our factory produces professional quality, custom wooden baseball bats to be used at any level of play.

A Beaver Bat is the best made, most durable and consistent wood baseball bat made today. Our goal at The Beaver Bat Company is to give baseball players of all ages the same quality wood baseball bat that the professionals use. All Beaver Bats are made in the U.S.A. 

Go Green - The Beaver Bat Company is committed to helping our environment. We are proud to follow green initiatives so that we can be an environmentally friendly company and make a positive impact on our environment. We strive to make a difference.

We plant a tree for every 100 bats that we make, and we use only natural materials to paint our bats. These are some of the green initiatives we incorporate in our bat making process.

Beaver Bats are made in the U.S.A.

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Testimonials and Reviews

I just got my bat in yesterday and I wanted to say that I'm very satisfied with it and I also really like how fast it came in the mail. Most bats take like 2 weeks or so, but I got mine in less than a week. The bat not only looks great, but performs great as well! I used it in a game the day I got it and really liked the way the ball came off the bat so I just wanted to say thank you! - Jonathan in Miami, FL

Just wanted to thank you for the GREAT service your company provided! My son is just making the switch from aluminum to wood and I had no idea how to order the right bat for him, but your staff made it easy! - Joe in Bayville

I just wanted to follow up with you guys. I ordered my bats last week and they arrived this morning. Your service was fantastic. The bats are beautiful and feel perfect. I Immediately went to the cage and the baseball jumps off them just like I had hoped it would. I have been swinging expensive Marucci and Old Hickory bats and the quality of your bats is right in line with those. The only difference is really the price. I can get two of yours for the price of one of those. I will be swinging your bats exclusively from now on! I am sure my teammates will also be interested in checking some out.

- Mike B from Green Bay, WI

The goal of The Beaver Bat Company is to give baseball players of all ages access to the same quality wood bat that the professionals use. One trip to the Oceanside facility will show all how that goal will be met with great customer service, and great wood bats. - Sal in Smithtown

I really appreciate the customer service and attention to detail at the Beaver Bat Company - Arthur from Secaucus

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The Beaver Bat Company
3422 Hampton Road
Oceanside, NY 11572

Phone: (516) 442-1123
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